Alexandra Vonlanthen is a Swiss artist, 39 years old, based in Fribourg, Switzerland. She learned the very basic of acrylic painting from a nun when she was in a Carmel monastery in France where she stayed for 2 years. 

After leaving the convent, she came to the Philippines to work as a volunteer, then studied and finished a course on Social Work at St Joseph College, QC. She returned home on 2019 and organized her first solo 3-month exhibit at a fine dining resto this July ending September 2023. 

She is mostly a self-taught artist who learned through her spare time and some years of illness. She likes to paint vibrant stories and to embark people into a small yet meaningful journey. Her acrylic stylized painting of silhouettes, skies, sun & moon with a dash of embossed clouds and mountains express her simple messages but makes the viewer feel the depth.

Jo Maniwang

Josefina or Jo Maniwang is a Filipino artist, 63 years old, based in QC Metromanila. Took up painting & advance portraiture course at Rody Herrera Classes in Greenhills for 4 years. Then finished a course major in Visual Communications at UP College of Fine Arts in Diliman QC. 

Her realistic black & white drawings and compositions in oil on canvas paintings were influenced by her strong interest in subjects of love, justice and spirituality.

Cid Cloma

Cid Cloma is a Filipino artist, 71yrs old, based in QC Metromanila. He was born and raised in Panglao, Bohol. His family moved to Manila, and he took up Painting Major at UST College of Fine Arts, Manila. 

His lovely compositions on impressionistic landscapes have that Eclecticism style expressing such an airy and coolness where one can sense peace. His realistic idealized Filipina female figures bear an Art Nouveau style.